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Provide First Aid (with CPR)  $130, CPR $55, Childcare Workers First Aid (with CPR) $140.

Weekly First Aid Training courses in Wagga Wagga, by local staff  with university health qualifications and International experience

 All courses start at 9.30am and are held at the Wagga RSL (corner of Dobbs and Kincaid st, Wagga).

There are no precourse or online theory requirements.

Courses include 

HLTAID012 (previously HLTAID004)  Provide first aid  in an education and care setting  (Childcare worker first aid). CPR and First Aid are standard inclusions in this course. Cost: $140.  Concession. $120. 

HLTAID011 (previously HLTAID003)  Provide First Aid.  (Also known as Senior first aid). CPR is a standard inclusion in this course. Cost $130.  Concession. $110. 

HLTAID009 (previously HLTAID001)  Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).  Cost $55. 

COVID 19 Restrictions

Based on current information available from the NSW government, from Oct 11 until Dec 1st, only those who are double vaccinated will be able to attend face to face first aid.  Therefore, I will not be holding public courses until these restrictions ease.

I am happy to provide courses for individuals and small group during this time. 

I do not wish to discriminate against people who are not double vaccinated for the following fact based reasons

* The COVID 19 vaccination is still in the trail phase. I feel strongly that people should not be excluded for failure to participate in a clinical trail.

* The COVID 19 vaccination (unlike other vaccinations) is designed to reduce symptoms, not stop the disease.  You can still spread the disease if vaccinated.

* In the overwhelming majority of cases, COVID 19 only significantly affects that those over 60 yo or who have underlying co-morbidities. The risk for those under 60 is extremely low. 

* The vaccination does have risks. I personally know of people (young, fit, no co-morbidities) hospitalised due to an adverse reactions from the vaccination. 

* The medium or long-term affects of the vaccine are unknown. 

I am not anti vaccination. I fully support vaccinations that are fully tested, that eradicate diseases, and who medium and long-term affects are known.

I also fully support an individuals ability to analysis risks, and make decisions about their own health (and the health of others around them). 


The statement of attainment is issued by H&A Training Pty LTD #RTO 90871